Cindy Y

Founder & designer of the Canadian stationary company The Pink Room Co.
Cindy inspire and motivates many to be creative in the planner community.  Her passion and love of stationary speak through her beautiful exclusive designs and work.   She is excited and can't wait to meet everyone that shares the same passion as she does and make this a memorable Conference.

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Charlotte Lau

Charlotte is currently attending University of Toronto earning her Bachelor of Arts.  She will be majoring in Politics and Canadian studies by Summer 2019.  Planning not only allowed her to get through university organized but it also allowed her to meet a lot of new friends and express her creativity through her shop Charlotte’s Minis! She hopes to personally meet everyone at the first PGP event!

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Anny is currently a music teacher working for PDSB. She loves memory scrapbooking, so don't be surprised if she's running around with her instax printer documenting every moment. Her passion for the arts and planning inspired her to open her shop - Paper Secrets Ink - in January 2020. Tied to this year's theme for mental health, this shop was a way for her and her boyfriend to express themselves as both people had very different lives before their paths crossed. The characters portray different personalities a person can have versus the one that they can show to the world. Everyone has different stories and she can't wait to find out about yours


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Amy had a love for crafts (and stickers!) introduced to her a young age by her grandmother and really enjoys collecting stickers. Sometimes she even uses them in her planners and journals! Hailing from Beautiful British Columbia, her day job involves Information Security, and she looks forwarding to looking after the "front of the house" at PGP 2020!


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Theresa is 60 years young and she's been planning since she was at Teacher's College (class of '82.). She got bored easily and was always changing up her planners. Planners, planner stickers, and her fellow planners keep her focused and interested.


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Tanya is a university student majoring in Game Writing. Planning has always been a big part of her life but discovering the planner community has really thrown her down the rabbit hole of stationary. Her shop, The Paper Witch co., will be opening later this year and she`s looking forward to meeting others who are just as passionate about planning as she is.


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Nella has been a planner for most of her life. She remember she had her first planner at age 4 for collecting stickers, taking her parents best pens and began to draw. Nella loves planning events and has an Event and Conference Management Certification. Nella has worked on large scale events and is looking forward to meeting everyone and help to build this wonderful planning community. Nella hopes to fulfill one of her passions and open up a stationary store.

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