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We are excited to announce Teresa Collins, and  Amanda Rach Lee to speak at PGP CANADIAN PLANNER CONFERENCE this year.  Teresa insightful speech and an intimate fire chat with Amanda will make this years PGP Canada Planner Conference an exceptional and memorable one.  

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Teresa Collins

We are so excited to announce Teresa Collins as our keynote speaker, workshop host and vendor in our conference this year! Teresa Collins is passionately and purposely designing products, apparel, hosts events, and travels the world to speak and teach workshops. She has authored numerous craft & lifestyle inspirational books as well as published her own life and business story in The Teresa Collins Story; LIVE LIFE IN ALL CAPS. Teresa has become a successful woman entrepreneur after and despite her setbacks along the way. She believes FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION. She SPARKS optimism to encourage and propel women to use their innate power to find WHO and WHAT makes them happy. She encourages the importance to be powerful, happy and elevate your vision daily. We are so excited to have Teresa join us for PGP 2022!


We are so excited to announce Amanda Rach Lee as the special guest and vendor to our event! AmandaRachLee is an artist and digital content creator based out of Toronto, Canada. In February of 2013, Amanda, who was 14 years old at the time, clicked the ‘upload’ button on YouTube for the first time. Within seconds, her self-made video was released into cyberspace. Since then, her channel has grown significantly, garnering millions of engaged social media fans. However, despite the increase in viewership, one thing remains the same. She is always committed to making unique and high-quality content about all things art, journaling, and creativity. Her audience is highly engaged, coming back to her channel week to week for inspiration. We can't wait to sit down and have a chat with Amanda! And we are super excited to have a Canadian guest join us!

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